The red beauty

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This bag is really great and unrepeatable! Almost a 100% recycled materials.

This was a beautiful red leather pilot-like jacket. Now it has a new life as a bag.
The jacket was used, in a good condition but with the signs of wear. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the jacket.
I cleaned it as good as I could but there are still few marks of wearing here and there. It gives this bag more uniquness but if you are looking after a spotless bag then please, choose another one.

I decided to use a beautifull checkered man shirt as a linning. I kept pockets from it and created a new pocket as well.

There are three pocket inside the bag. One is big and closes withe magnetic closure, two are smaller but still big. You can easilly have your iPhone in the smallest one.

Outside there are two zippered pockets which are the original pockets from the jacket.They are not so big but very usefull.

The handmade strap is adjustable and will make the bag to a shoulderbag or a crossbody.

This bag is not so big as my other shoppers, but still big enough, that it can contain all your stuff 🙂

* Three big pockets inside.
* Two zippered outside pockets.
* Zippered closure, YKK zipper .
* You can have it on your shoulder without a trouble.
* This bag can be used as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

W: about 32 – 39 cm (12.5 to 15.4 inches)
H: about 35 cm (13.6 inch)
D: about 10 cm ( 4 inches)

Handmade by me and the only one in the world.

Unique, one of a kind.

I sew my bags by myself. I do not have any helpers.
I use the professional sewing machine for leather, quality hardware and a strong thread.

I love to sew bags, I love to create things out of something that’s no longer in use.
All my bags are unique, I never make two that looks as each other so you are sure that no one in the world owns a bag like yours.

This bag will last for ever.

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