Nice red/brown vintage jacket bag

March 20, 2017 admin No comments exist

This bag is made of a soft, vintage leather coat.
The leather is thick and soft, and have a beautifull, brown vintage colour.
The straps are made out of a black leather belt and are so long so you can have it on your shoulder without a trouble.
The bag has a zippered closure and is linned with a thick, microfiber fabric with brown-white-beige print.
* Zippered closure.
* Straps made of a black leather belt, perfect to take on your shoulder.
* Two zippered pockets inside.
*One big pocket outside, it is the original jacket pocket.
* Lightweighted.
* Measures:
H: about 41 cm (16inch)
W: about 38 cm (15 inch)

This bag is very comfortable to carry whether you are out shopping, going for work or on vacation.
Big enough to carry all your stuff but not huge. It will go perfect with a pair of jeans as well.

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