Brown, Nice and Soft lambleather bag

September 12, 2017 admin 1 comment

This bag is made out of a beautifull soft lambleather jacket in mint condition. I do not think that it was ever used.
All leather is 100% perfect. And soft like a butter. 🙂
And I linned it with a beautifull cotton fabric with a digital print.
The brown color has many shadows, I really love it a lot!
The two outher pockets are not so small and very usefull, closed with a button.
There are also two zippered pockets inside.
The handmade strap is adjustable and makes this bag to be used as a sholder bag or as a crossbody.

This bag can hold all your stuff without being all too big. And it will last for ever.
W: about 32 – 39 cm (12.5 to 15.4 inches)
H: about 35 cm (13.6 inch)
D: about 10 cm ( 4 inches)

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