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This bag is really unrepeatable!

I made it out of several pieces of leather from different things. The main piece comes form a pair of a leather trousers. Then the other pieces comes from two leather jackets and another pair of trousers.
The linning fabric was a man suit linning with some wool pieces.
Outside there are two deep pockets and a small one. They are all original trousers pockets.
Inside there are two slip pockets and one zippered pocket. They are also original pockets from the inside of man suit jacket.
The handmade strap was a waiste beltin the trousers. It is not adjustable but it’s long enough to use the bag as a shoulderbag or a crossbody.
This bag is not huge, but still big enough, that it can contain all your stuff.

* Two deep pockets outside
* Three pockets inside
* Zippered closure
* You can have it on your shoulder without a trouble
* This bag can be used as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.
* Light in weight

W: about 32 – 39 cm (12.5 to 15.4 inches)
H: about 35 cm (13.6 inch)
D: about 10 cm ( 4 inches)

Handmade by me and the only one in the world. OOAK.

This bag will last for ever!

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