A pink shopper with a jeans trousers linning

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I made this bag out of af butter soft leather jacket. The jacket was worn but beautifly soft and a great quality. The colour is beautifull and really hard to find.

I linned the bag with a strong fabric from a pair of denim trousers.

This is not the biggest bag I sew. But it is big enough to contain all your stuff and a lot more than that!
Two zippered pockets outside and two big, and two small, pockets inside. You can have it on your shoulder without a trouble.

There is a zippered closure as well.

Yes, there are a couple of places on the buttom where the colour is lighter than on the rest. It witness that the jacket was loved and worn. I kept it as I wanted to keep all the detail from the jacket in the bag.

Handmade by me and the only one in the world.
Unique, one of a kind. Oversized.

I sew my bags with an professional sewing machine for leather. I use quality hardware and a strong thread.

This bag will last for ever.

Measures (appr.):

W: 30 cm (59cm)
H: 34 cm
Bottom: 30 cm x 15 cm
Handles are about 50 cm

2 Comments on “A pink shopper with a jeans trousers linning

  1. Awesome! You’re lucky you are gifted with this talent. I have lots of ideas in my head but don’t know the mechanics of sewing machines hence I always end up doing it with my hands which makes it difficult but not impossible. Thank you for sharing. I loved that bag – unique color and most of all ‘design’ by you.

    1. Thank you very much Maria. I am really happy you like this one. It really is very special and unrepeatable. I hope it is appreciated by it’s owner.

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